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December 8, 2015 3:00 PM

"Belle", an 8yo, too cute Shitzu/Maltese cross-bred dog raced around madly with "Ishka" her bestie and hurt her right stifle(knee in plain English). She was Grade 3/5 lame when All Animal Physio saw her the first time. The Vets had suggested a partial Cranial Cruciate ligament Tear might be the problem, so Physio included electrotherapy to help reduce the inflammation in the stifle and promote healing, quads and hamstring strengthening exercises and advice to avoid twisting, turning and jumping(easier said than done - Belle was standing amount on cushions on the back of the couch at out first meeting and she clearly intended to jump off to greet me!) But Yajna, a dedicated owner, assiduously carried out the Physio for Belle over 4 weeks and the outcome was terrific - Belle was not detectably lame. Yajna agreed to carry on a modified Physio program for another 4 weeks to ensure Belle maintained her good health. What a terrific owner! How lucky is Belle?

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