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May 8, 2017 8:00 PM


Front Seat Zoe

This adorable Scnoodle, Zoe, sits in pride of place on the front seat of her owner's car, seat belted in, of course, via her harness. Unfortunately, Zoe has significant deformity of her right forelimb, following fracture of her radius and ulna, with plate and screws ORIF, 9 months ago. The bowing, varus and external rotation can be seen here. Zoe is Grade 3/5 lame.

A more loving and caring owner could not be found, nor could a more delightful little dog. We are hoping the Specialist will be able to fix this beautiful little dog.

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March 19, 2017 3:35 PM




Carpal Instability


Beautiful Bo, an 11 year old black Labrador, was hit by a car in her youth and suffered an injury to her left carpus(wrist) and her left hind limb. As age has caught up with her, Bo has not wanted to walk much and was having trouble getting up the stairs at home, to sleep beside her loving owners at night. The left carpus was clearly unstable with laxity of ulnar deviation. A splint has helped keep Bo on her feet and still able to climb the stairs to be with her beloved owners. Being off line due to the carpal problem, as well as being quite atrophied(wasted) in the muscles of the left upper hind limb, means Bo has back pain as well. So while we were there, treatment for Bo's sore back and hip with some heat and massage was much to Bo's liking.

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