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February 14, 2015 4:00 PM


"Mopsy", a very cute West Highland Terrier, presented a new problem for All Animal Physio, when her owner told us that she was going overseas for a holiday and needed to pass on our instructions to a carer in ACT. We all know what can happen in these circumstances - Chinese whisper - so making our instructions as clear as we could was our aim. Luckily Mopsy's owner was a midwife and her job involved teaching people about how to handle babies, so that was a big plus.

"Mopsy", had suffered a Cranial Cruciate injury and needed a repair. The Vets performed a DeAngelis repair, which needs a 6 week period of careful confinement to allow scar tissue to form around the inserted line to stabilise the knee joint, during which time Physio is carried out.

Physio involves getting the dog to weight bear evenly on both hind limbs, strengthening thigh and hip muscles , regaining knee joint range of motion and enhancing proprioception or balance. Teaching all of this to Mopsy's owner, who then passed this on to the carer, in ACT, involved a sequence of training. But Mopsy's owner managed to do the job and was then able to go away and enjoy her well earned holiday with her daughter.

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