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October 8, 2015 12:00 AM

 Due to previous experiences with cats jumping out of owners hands, often followed by a game of a endless chasey, I usually only see cats in Vet Clinics now, so that expert Vet Nurses can hold the cat if necessary. But on this occasion, I was persuaded by the owners to see the cat at home. The owners, Glenys and Chris, were more than able to hold, "Monty", their absolutely magnificent  Rag Doll cat, who needed a little Physio following his Cruciate repair. Glenys and Chris not only were able to hold "Monty" securely, but also managed to carry out their Physio Home Routine with him with aplomb. "All Hail" Glenys and Chris, and "Monty", for making my Physio Consult so easy. And I'm now a huge fan of Rag Doll cats.


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