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Neuro Muscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES)



There is good research supporting the use of these electrical modalities in specific conditions, but there is still a great deal that hasn’t be done in the Research area. These electrical modalities are widely used in human Physiotherapy, especially in Sports injuries, post surgical patients and some neurological conditions.

Exercise Therapy

Improved muscle strength will lead to improved function. Strengthening muscles leads to shortening of the muscle fibre cross links and it is therefore vital to stretch these out again. If not done properly, lack of stretching can lead to further problems, such as muscle imbalance, causing malalignment, with uneven pressure on joints, leading to early degeneration. Stretching is an important part of any exercise program. 


Proprioceptive or balance exercises are often a vital part of regaining function. Knowing where in space feet are, enables the next step to occur safely. The neuro-muscular control involved in this process is trainable.
Teaching owners how to carry out the dogs’ exercises, as a home program, is of primary importance. It is the owners committed to carrying out the home program on a regular basis, whose animals  have the greatest degree of success. Teaching owners how to correctly hold to exercise their dogs in the correct way is a challenging and rewarding task, but it does take some time and is a progressive process. In most instances, in order to progress treatment and to ensure the quality of the home program, a few visits may be required. However, it is up to the owners, and Vets, as to how often they wish the Physio to consult.